Conscious, warm, spacious, pure

Our plan

We show our customers that with Lundia you prepare the perfect basis for a pure and natural interior design. To this we add some small useful tricks and practical tips—after all, we are Lundia—such as tons of inspiration, trends and insights into living that display a beautiful combination of Dutch taste and Nordic living. And last but not least, Lundia is affordable and available to everyone in the DIY stores and Lundia stores.

Who are we?

At Lundia, we are Dutch and furniture makers by birth. Once upon a time, it began with the manufacture of a flexible closet system, invented by the great Swedish designer Harald Lundqvist. This heritage gives all our products a high-quality finishing touch. With this sleek and simple design language we now also make customised doors, flooring and closets. At Lundia, we focus greatly on maintaining the simplicity and high quality of our products, because that is our top priority.

What do we do?

At Lundia, we create ingenious closets, doors, laminate and floorings for like-minded people. In other words: people who have an eye for quality, simple design and who are willing to invest in that. Lundia rewards your home with pure, high-quality products with a natural atmosphere that you can enjoy for many years. Functionality and design are connecting threads in all our designs and as far as we are concerned, they go hand in hand. Things need to beautiful and practical. That is our uniqueness and the guarantee that you’ve come to the right place.