CSR Annual Report 2019


Deli Home grew in various ways in 2019. The company grew in size as well as CSR performance.

Our vision is ‘wood craftsmanship for all’. This means we will be producing more tailor-made products, directly at the request of customers. That is why we decided to integrate our production site in Lekkerkerk with our custom manufacturing facility in Gorinchem in 2019. A decision was also made to take over Weekamp Deuren. This company will reinforce our production activities as of 2020.

Besides increasing in turnover (‘profit’) in 2019, we also managed to make advances in the fields of ‘people’ and ‘planet’. Thanks to our vitality-related initiatives in 2019, we reduced absenteeism from 5.5% to 3.8% in Gorinchem and from 9.2% to 4.1% in Zevenaar. I think this is very important. It indicates that our employees are motivated to get the job done together and to improve their prospects at Deli Home.

In addition, we have managed to improve our CO2 Footprint: CO2 emissions were reduced by a total of 6% throughout the company. We are also trying to make external improvements: Our ‘cross docking’ activities, which involve transporting third party products to our customers, have increased once again. This means we are reducing transport kilometres and thus CO2 emissions on Dutch roads.

We are continuously focusing on the use of materials. For example, we have designed a reusable crate for transporting custom-made cabinets, as part of our ‘Postduif’ (Homing pigeon) project. This not only looks good, but also reduces the risk of damage. And less damage also means that these products do not need to be re-manufactured and transported. This helps to reduce both materials and CO2.

Deli Home is aiming for continuous improvement. This means we can play a role in the well-being of our employees, the environment and the value offered to our stakeholders.

Victor Aquina, CEO

Our CSR priorities up to 2023 are:  

  • Vitality of our employees, thus reducing absenteeism to under 4% & short-term absenteeism to under 3%
  • CO2 reduction by 15% (vs. 2018)
  • Reduction in transport-related packagings and materials within the chain by 10% (vs. 2018)

In 2019, we organized several meetings with employees from all sections of our company to discuss our overall corporate policy and CSR priorities. The newly formulated core values were also discussed: Open, entrepreneurial, passionate and reliable. This will help us to keep the promises we have made to the stakeholders of Deli Home.

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Commitment GRI

This report is based on the fourth generation of guidelines in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These guidelines have been implemented until core level. The GRI index has been tested by the De Duurzame Adviseurs.

Scope of the report

The report concerns the activities of Deli Home in Gorinchem and Zevenaar in 2019. During the reporting period, the following significant changes took place in Deli Home’s organisation structure: The production site in Lekkerkerk was relocated and integrated into the production site in Gorinchem. In addition, a decision was made to take over Weekamp Deuren in 2019, which will be implemented in 2020. As a result, the next annual report, for 2020, will also contain information about Dedemsvaart-based Weekamp Deuren, in addition to Deli Home’s sites in Gorinchem and Zevenaar.


The choice of subjects that are material to Deli Home, for proposing and reporting on policies, was made by evaluating CSR-related topics during policy workshops and included stakeholder analyses by the board and CSR work groups in 2017 and 2018. They were assisted in the process by an external advisor from De Duurzame Adviseurs.

In addition, the topics are discussed and tested periodically in the CSR work groups. The CSR work groups at Deli Home contain a wide range of representatives from throughout the company: Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Category Management, Wood Production, Logistics, Stock Planning, KAM, HR and Business Development

Report frequency

The report will be presented annually.


For questions about this report, it is possible to contact the CSR coordinators at both sites: Duco Krikke (Gorinchem site) and Hein Brunsveld (Zevenaar site)

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