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Deli Home in AD Rivierenland

Trias, the old insurance firm on Stadhuisplein in Gorinchem, is a big interior design showroom and the headquarters of Deli Home. Tomorrow it will be opened in a festive ceremony by Mayor Reinie Melissant-Briene.

Matthijs Daniels 19-12-18, 17:55

If the name Deli Home does not immediately ring a bell among residents of the city, then the link to the Schelluinsestraat, just behind it, will certainly do. Deli Home is the mother company and JéWé is one of its subsidiaries. Brands such as Bruynzeel, CanDo and Lundia are also part of Deli Home. Deli Home designs and manufactures doors, floors, bathroom fixtures & fittings, custom-made closets, screens and decorative wooden products, and it is a market leader in the Benelux.

“Our production and logistics take place in the warehouses of JéWé,” says director Jan-Willem Smits of Deli Home. “Here, the custom-made closets are produced as well as all the woodwork, such as frames and skirting boards. We also had another location for the production of closets in Lekkerkerk, but this year we moved the entire production to Gorinchem.’’


Until this year, Bruynzeel had an office and showroom in Nieuwegein and the holding company was located in Rotterdam. Smits: “We wanted to consolidate the entire company in a single place and saw that this location was available. This is a good spot, close to production and logistics on Schelluinsestraat.’’

The custom-made closets are very successful

Jan-Willem Smits

Deli Home has rented approximate two-thirds of the premises on Stadhuisplein. The rest of the premises is still used by VGZ, Jan-Willem Smits informs us as he exhibits the showroom on the ground floor.

Smits: “We don’t sell anything here. Consumers that do not manage to find what they are looking for in the store can be inspired here by all the available options that our brands offer for interior design. Once they have made their choice, we refer them to the location where the items are available.” Do they need an appointment for just looking around? “No, that’s not necessary, you can simply drop by.” says Smits invitingly. “Furthermore, in collaboration with developers, we also present buyers’ choices for new building projects where the residents can choose, for example, the doors or bathroom fixtures for their new homes.’’


Renovation has lasted approximately one year. Converting an insurance building into an interior design showroom (plus other related premises) demanded quite some efforts in terms of atmosphere. “In the offices above, we actually retained only the ceilings,” says Smits. “Previously, this consisted mostly of call centres and we had to re-divide everything from scratch.’’

With 170 people in the office and around 250 at the production sites, Smits estimates that Deli Home is one of the biggest employers in Gorinchem. “And we are growing. It is of course a good market presently and we are investing a great deal in our brands and concepts. For example, custom-made closets are very successful. The customers design these themselves and we roll them out of the factory tailor-made. Precisely for the purpose of developing these concepts, it was important that all our brands and companies are located close to each other.’’


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