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Deli Home introduces a front door with insulated core – the front door of the future

A front door that offers more effective insulation, less shrinkage and swelling, a light structure and improved resistance against weather conditions, which means less maintenance! Deli Home offers a solution to home owners looking for a high-quality door that looks like a traditional door and requires little maintenance. These front doors are available under the well-known brands CanDo, Lundia and Skantrae.

As a renowned supplier of wooden home products, including doors, Deli Home always wants to respond innovatively to market trends and meet the needs of consumers. However, a lot of research and development was needed to develop an insulating and lightweight front door that met our renowned quality standards. Because how do you create a front door that insulates effectively, while also being lightweight, robust and, of course, aesthetically pleasing?

Innovative design

Despite the challenges, Deli Home managed to use smart solutions to develop a new generation of front doors that offer with advantages in terms of insulation, weather resistance and maintenance. These fantastic benefits have been achieved thanks to a very precisely constructed composite panel. These front doors are unique because this composite panel construction is suitable for use in various types of doors and is thus available under different brands. Even panel doors can be produced with the composite panel construction.

The construction consists of an insulating core with aluminium plates on both sides. The surface plates are made of 100% FSC® meranti plywood and create a stylish look which resembles that of solid wood-front doors. The core consists of an XPS rigid foam plate, which is pressure-resistant, moisture-resistant and lightweight, and offers improved insulation qualities. This means lower energy consumption and thus maximum living comfort! The aluminium plates help to give doors a solid structure, which greatly reduces shrinkage and swelling. And because lightweight materials are used, the front door is very easy to handle unlike heavy solid hardwood front doors.

The difference is not always visible on the outside:

  • High insulation value
  • Very stable shape
  • Light weight
  • No stile and rail joints
  • Less maintenance
  • Uniform wood grain
  • Trimming area of 35 mm all around
  • Also for panel doors
  • Tested in accordance with KOMO guidelines
  • 10-year warranty

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