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Deli Home makes home improvement easier with 700 m2 CanDo experience area in Praxis Amsterdam

Together with Maxeda DIY Group, Deli Home created a 700-m2 CanDo experience area for its CanDo brand in the Praxis megastore in Amsterdam. Construction began in the first week of January and is expected to be completed at the beginning of March so that everything will be ready on time for the reopening of stores.

The area—located in one of the largest DIY stores in the Netherlands—is designed to inspire, motivate and transform the field of home improvement. The first construction phase has been completed; the floors, walls and racks have been installed. All that is left to do is to furnish and decorate the area with the finishing touches. These will be completed within a few weeks so that the area will be completely ready and welcoming when the doors open to a public looking for inspiration, tips and materials for home improvement.

There is room for product racks, campaign products, presentation areas and inspiration plazas for sitting and for consultations. This is where all the CanDo products are combined and the Praxis customer gets inspired. The inspiration plazas are a response to the current trends: national and industrial. This means that all the CanDo products have been placed together and consumers can see what the options are for designing spaces even more beautifully and in a certain style by using CanDo products. Products such as CanDo floors, doors and stairs renovations are combined to create a single harmonious space that inspires the consumer.

A separate home improvement & information plaza supplements the inspiration areas. This is where consumers can find practical tips and tricks for getting started with their interior design and where they’ll find product information to make the right choice for their home improvement project. The home improvement & information plaza and the inspiration areas have been clearly separated for a purpose; this is an important part of the customer journey, which allows consumers to search comfortably and find the right solution easily.

Deli Home and Maxeda believe that this intensive collaboration will help consumers even better in carrying out home improvements easily. Maurice Lagcher, Group Product Manager Wood and Construction of Praxis, says: “Deli Home is a pleasant partner to work with, the basis is good. They are always helpful in ensuring that our customers receive the service they expect. Thanks to the CanDo plaza we have intensified our collaboration; there is an enthusiastic, energetic and positive vibe here.”

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