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Deli Home makes room for over 9,000 extra storage spaces

Deli Home continues to grow and develop in order to deliver its products and services as efficiently as possible. One of the developments is the expansion of the warehouse of Skantrae, our branch that is specialized in doors and is located in Zevenaar. We expect this new warehouse to be fully operational by 2022.

At the back of our premises is a suitable piece of terrain where we intend to realise our plans. The permit request is being handled and will shortly be completed. We expect to start the construction by March. The construction will last approximately six months after which we can start setting up the warehouse.

The new warehouse will have a floor surface of 7,452 m², which will provide plenty of room for over 9,000 extra storage spaces, 9 loading docks and 2 large overhead doors. Additionally, the new warehouse will have a height of 14 metres, which is 3 metres higher than the current warehouse. Because this new warehouse is taller, there is room for a mezzanine. This is an in-between floor directly behind the docks. All sorts of goods can be stored in this mezzanine and lighter racks could be installed there. This will be an extra storage area in addition to the 9,000 locations mentioned earlier.

The 9 loading docks in the new building will be used for receiving trucks with incoming goods. The current loading docks will be deployed for outgoing goods. The result is that more room is created on the plaza for planning and preparing transports. This is far more efficient in terms of both time and funds.

The extra space also provides the opportunity to move the machining centre to a more central location in relation to the warehouse which offers a better flow of the goods. The machining centre is the heart of all client-specific customizations such as milling and drilling for letterboxes, three-point locking systems, locks and door handles. Optimizing the space for made to measure products and customizations fits perfectly with our strategy to become the digital carpenter of the future. With the expected growth of the machining centre we arrange our space to fit better with today’s wishes and the future requirements.

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