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Guided tour for Werkvisie de Hoop

On Tuesday the 16th of October, Deli Home organised an extensive tour as part of a personnel outing of the furniture maker Werkvisie de Hoop. The latter is an organisation that offers appropriate work for people with poor job prospects. A large part of Schelluinsestraat in Gorinchem is taken up by the warehouses and production halls of JéWéRET; one of the subsidiaries of Deli Home. At these premises, the furniture makers of Werkvisie de Hoop had a look behind the scenes of this mega organisation.

By the “ohs” and “wows”, it was clearly noticeable that the large-scale production of all sorts of wooden products impressed the passionate furniture makers. “So large and yet so clean and tidy,” was one of the first comments that was made. The shared passion for wood between the furniture makers and the employees of Deli Home was a good basis for many specific questions about the types of wood, processing and measurements of the boards—of which there was plenty to see in the various sheds where timber and MDF are stored. The production halls where massive wood is planed and custom-made closets and skirting boards are produced also made an impression, where once again the sheer scale of production elicited enthusiastic comments. With lots of new impressions and hopefully, a new dose of inspiration, the group of visitors continued to the next stop in their personnel outing.

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