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Name change Deli Home companies

In the near future, several of our companies will undergo a name change. As of the first of July 2019, our companies will continue to operate under the following registered names:

V.a. 1 juli Huidig
Deli Home Netherlands B.V. JéWéRET Verkoopmaatschappij B.V.
Deli Home Timber Productions B.V. B.V. Houtwarenfabriek voorheen J. Willemstein
Deli Home Belgium N.V. N.V. JéWé Products
Deli Home Belgium Trading N.V. N.V. JéWé Trading
Deli Home Iberia MF JéWé Lda
Deli Home Hungary JéWé Kft
Deli Home Poland Bruynzeel Plastics Polska Sp. z.o.o.

Since 2018 Bruynzeel Home Products B.V., JéWéRET Verkoopmaatschappij B.V. and Deli Home Holding B.V. have joined under the name Deli Home. We combine our strengths and provide an even better service to our clients, with specialised knowledge of products and the market. This enables us to react quickly to the constant changes in the online and offline activities across the various distribution channels. To further strengthen our focus and create a more clear situation for our partners, we will implement the name changes above on July first which will allow us to communicate in a more consistent manner with the name Deli Home.

Our trusted products and brands will continue to exist, with the same services, terms, and conditions our clients are acquainted with.

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