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New at CanDo: black radiator cladding

Black, industrial accents on wardrobes, doors, frames and other places in the interior is an upcoming trend that is here to stay. To further express this industrial style in your interior, Deli Home introduces CanDo black radiator cladding. This completes the industrial look of your interior.

The radiator cladding is made of MDF, which is firm and easy to work with. All parts are foil wrapped, resulting in a product that doesn’t need any sort of finishing. The parts of the radiator cladding can be made to measure. This way, there is a suitable solution for any type of radiator.

Why radiator cladding
A radiator is useful, but not necessarily stylish. A radiator can be an eyesore in an otherwise carefully composed interior. Radiator cladding is the perfect solution that removes your radiator from sight and instead makes it a part of the interior, resulting in hardly any loss of warmth. CanDo offers radiator cladding in several sizes and styles. All types of cladding can be easily made to measure and are easy to install. The newest addition to the collection is the stylish black radiator cladding, suitable for modern interior styles.

Black in the interior
Black is a timeless colour that is frequently used for good reason – black is easy to combine, after all. Black can be used to give an interior a Scandinavian or industrial style. These two styles are currently very popular trends. Using black in your interior can also create a moody atmosphere. Whatever vibe you are looking for in your interior, black radiator cladding from CanDo can give you the result you want.

Curious to see what other possibilities lie in the CanDo radiator cladding product range? View all options on our website.

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