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New view of Deli Home buildings in Gorinchem

Since the third of June the iconic image of the blue and orange production facilities and warehouses in Gorinchem has been permanently changed. The buildings are now fitted with the logo of the umbrella corporation of all activities within these buildings: Deli Home.

It’s been a characteristic image in Gorinchem for many years: the massive warehouses and production facilities in the Schelluinsestraat. It can be seen from the freeway that JéWéRET is one of the biggest companies in Gorinchem. JéWéRET has been operating under the flag of Deli Home since 2018, but soon the organisation will be known under a new name: Deli Home Netherlands B.V. In preparation of this name change and to continue working on a consistent and united style with the other Deli Home companies, the JéWé-markings on the production facilities and warehouses have been replaced with Deli Home logo’s over the past few weeks. Since the third of June JéWéRET operates under the flag of Deli Home not just figuratively, but literally as well.

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