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We are proud to produce and trade beautiful wooden products that are sold to DIY stores and the construction sector and eventually end up with consumers. Our ambition is to make tailor-made wood ‘craftsmanship’ accessible to everyone.

We want to do this by selling the following brands: Cando, Bruynzeel, Lundia, Skantrae and Weekamp. For more information, see:

Our brands

FSC® and PEFC™

Our aim is to solely use wood from sustainably managed forests, with an FSC® or PEFC™ certificate. Besides improving the storage of CO2, we also consider the safety of workers and try to preserve the habitats of animals and plants: Biodiversity in forests near and far.

In 2019, 97.2% of all sold wood was classed as FSC® and PEFC™ wood (based on sales in Euro). Specified to our sites, this was 97.5% in Zevenaar and 97.2% in Gorinchem. The total percentage remained the same as in 2018.

We also support STIP, which is a certificate that allows FSC® and PEFC™ wood to be traded together.

FSC® / PEFC™ 2018 FSC® / PEFC™ 2019
Gorinchem site 95.6% 97.2%
Zevenaar site 97.8% 97.5%
Deli Home total 97.2% 97.2%


In order to further increase these percentages of FSC® or PEFC™ -certified wood, we developed a new exterior door with an insulated core, and launched it in 2019. These doors are now available in FSC® material! In addition, the newly designed door is lighter, better insulated and even stronger. For more information, see:

Front door with insulated core


The CSR process initially started by making our packagings more sustainable. We have made many improvements in this regard over the years.

Our goal for 2023 is to reduce packaging and transport materials by a further 10% compared to 2018 (in Euro/Euro sales). In 2019, this amounted to 39% in Gorinchem. This percentage is already four times higher than our objective. However, the high result could not only be attributed to a decrease in packaging materials, but also an increase in sales. If we only examine the cost of packaging materials, we were able to save 12%. In 2020, we will start measuring and further mapping the packaging materials used in Zevenaar.

In 2019, we also developed a new durable transport packaging for our custom-made cabinets: A circular crate that is 2.80m long.

Circular packaging

The idea to package our custom-made products, interiors and sliding doors in a reusable crate had already been launched in 2018. This had been triggered by the transport damage we were encountering. In addition, the packing material used to package our custom-made products had become scarcer. For example, less wood leftovers were available because material use in wood factories had become more efficient.

Reusable MDF covers were initially purchased to replace this leftover wood, but it was necessary to improve how the product was packaged. A packaging that would do justice to the exclusive customized products that we deliver and to the sustainable goals that Deli Home sets itself.

That is why a pilot called the ‘Project Postpigeon’ (Homing Pigeon Project) was started in 2019. Approximately 15 crates were produced and tested. Whereas pallets measured 1.20 m x 1.20 m, these boxes were produced to transport cabinets and doors measuring up to 2.80 m!

Damage is thus avoided because no parts hang over the edge of the pallet.

The pilot was successful. However, it emerged that it would be best to make the crates collapsible in order to reduce storage space. Moreover, the investment was so significant from a financial and environmental perspective that it would be best to collect the crates and re-use them again. That is where the idea of a ‘deposit crate’ was born.

2019 was a very busy year for us because the production sites for custom-made products in Gorinchem and Lekkerkerk were merged. A completely new production hall was set up in Gorinchem, where the best machines were transferred. However, due to the success of this pilot, a decision was made to roll it our further in 2020.

Packagings made of MDF covers, wrapping film for interior components and pallets would thus be replaced by approx. 2600 circular wooden crates.

‘I really love being part of this; I love change and progress. This is why I want to realise improvements for customers.’

Evert van Heck, production and stock planner Made to Measure

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