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Solar panel array at Deli Home

Gorinchem has recently gained 1.268 solar panels! Over a thousands solar panels have been placed on the roof of the production facility of Deli Home, ready to produce roughly 430.500 kWh per year. This compares to the energy needed for about 123 average Dutch households. The generated electricity will be used to power the production facility, for instance to power the machines in the production hall, but also to charge our electrical forklifts.

This achievement has been celebrated in the presence of aldermen Eelke Kraaijeveld and Joost van der Geest on the 9th of April. Jan-Willem Smits, Deli Home’s CFO, joined forces with alderman Eelke Kraaijeveld to symbolically plug in the solar panels to connect them to the power grid.

Curious to see what else we do in terms of CSR? Be sure to check out our page on sustainability.

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