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Team Deli Home Belgium sets up collection plan for Ukraine with its partners

Deli Home Belgium works with wood supplier Feniks in Poland. Feniks’ planing mills employ a number of Ukrainian men. However, they have returned to their homeland to fight because of the war. Their families still remain in Poland and have been taken care of by the planeries.

For these families, the team at Deli Home in Belgium is making efforts. Together with a number of partners, it has therefore set up a collection plan. As many as 14 pallets of basic necessities such as nappies and blankets, as well as two wheelchairs, were collected. Deli Home Belgium collected the goods and provided and paid for the drive from Belgium to Poland.

Recently, the team from Belgium received a donation of 30,000 diapers and shipped them to Feniks in Poland. These goods are destined for the Ukrainian refugees they are sheltering.

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