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Skantrae führt die SlimSeries Alu-Türenserie ein

Inspiriert durch den Industrie- und Minimalismus-Trend bietet Skantrae jetzt neben Holz auch Metalltüren in seiner SlimSeries-Türlinie, SlimSeries Alu genannt, an.

Neu: Maßgefertigte Tische und Tischplatten von CanDo

Neu im CanDo-Sortiment: Tische nach Maß. Dieses Sortiment ist eine Erweiterung unseres erfolgreichen Konzepts "Holz nach Maß".

Lassen Sie sich von den Möglichkeiten von Decowall inspirieren

Die Decowall Lattenwände bieten die perfekte Lösung! Die Decowall ist ein Set aus Holzlatten für Ihre Wand, das Sie nach Ihren Wünschen gestalten können.


DISCOVER DELI HOME Wood craftsmanship for all Driven by a deep respect for the versality and beauty of wood as a building material, our passion for wood craftsmanship goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainable practices. Wood craftsmanship is not just a skill, it is the tradition that we cherish in every project […]

Böden und Treppen

CRAFTING EXCELLENCE Exploring flooring and stair products With our extensive assortment available under the CanDo, Lundia and Bruynzeel brands, we service a wide network of customers. In the do-it-yourself sector, our products and services can be found in DIY stores. TO SERVE Our customers We also supply our products to home furnishing retailers and online […]


CRAFTING EXCELLENCE Exploring our innovative storage furniture The Deli Home storage assortment is available under various well-known brands and labels, such as CanDo, Lundia, Raffito and StoreMax. These products, which are mostly custom-made, are sold through various channels. TO SERVE Our customers Our customers include established DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, but we […]


CRAFTING EXCELLENCE Innovative insect screens We deliver our insect screens locally and abroad under established brands, such as CanDo , Bruynzeel and Hamstra. The insect screens are mainly available in large-scale DIY stores, but also at service-oriented retailers and home furnishing retailers. OUR SERVICE Service for our customers Thanks to our expertise in insect screens, […]


CRAFTING EXCELLENCE Exploring our innovative doors Our doors are sold under established brands, such as Weekamp Deuren, Skantrae and Bruynzeel, to construction wholesalers that service building contractors and self-employed construction professionals, but are also available, under brands such as CanDo and Lundia, at DIY stores that focus on the end-consumer. DOOR EXCELLENCE Premium doors for professionals […]


CRAFTING EXCELLENCE Exploring timber Wood is not only used to make many of our products, it is also an important product category in our assortment. With an extensive range of timber products, including panels, profiles and scaffolding wood, we offer a suitable timber product for every purpose. TO SERVE Our customers We are able to […]