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Who are we?

At Deli Home we believe that using custom timber products, produced specifically for the space they are to be used in, is the best way to improve and customize a home. In our product development process we value sustainability, added value and the quality of true craftsmanship.

who are we


This expertise did not come out of thin air. In 1869, Deli Home was established in Indonesia and since then, our expertise in timber grew as we gained the necessary knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, this experience does not prevent us from continuing to develop; we may be 150 years old, but we are still young enough to grow and learn.


Management board

The administrative bodies of Deli Home have the ultimate fiduciary, financial and legal responsibility, including the final power of decision with regard to the management of the organisation and the long-term strategy. Meet the people behind Deli Home.

management board
supervisory board