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Our brands

With strong brands under its wings, Deli Home is featured among DIY stores, home furnishing retailers, and construction professionals and contractors.


Our established brands

Every brand has been carefully designed and positioned to express a uniform identity so that our products reach the right target group even more effectively.


CanDo is the young, lively and unique brand that helps consumers get the most out of decorating and embellishing their homes.


Skantrae continuously communicate new and innovative solutions to our customers in an interactive way.

Weekamp Deuren

At Weekamp we are the approachable and service-oriented party that you can call upon with all your needs when it comes to doors.


We show our customers that with Lundia you prepare the perfect basis for a pure and natural interior design.

Bruynzeel Home Products

Bruynzeel is the sensible and practical mark of quality, which realises that a home should most of all be comfortable to live in and that our products must contribute to this with no limitations.


Custom cabinets with sustainable materials at Raffito. Everything is completely custom made so that it makes optimal use of your space. Be inspired!


Discover more brands

In addition to our power-brands, Deli Home also has products by various established labels.