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Do you also have more to offer?

To be successful in a market of do-it-yourselfers and construction professionals, we must also know how to work in this field. That is why we are always looking for motivated colleagues who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves.


Simply different

Yes-men are always easy to find, but people who think out of the box are proverbially unique in the labour market. We are not looking for people who fit seamlessly into our team; we are looking for people who augment us and add something new. That’s the only way we can remain competitive in all the areas where we operate.

The business instinct that comes from our roots has remained intact. Our colleagues have a passion for entrepreneurship; we are people who identify opportunities and use them. People who dare to do things and look beyond the boundaries. In short, people who create value—and by that we mean not only in terms of money. With a fresh outlook, a bit of pith and a healthy dose of wilfulness, you will fit in well in the Deli Home team.

Open application


  • Clear and transparent
  • Open minded and accept new challenges
  • We put ourselves in the other person’s shoes
  • We listen to feedback and act on it


  • We look for attractive opportunities
  • We take the long-term perspective into account
  • We take initiative to add value and show ownership
  • We strive for results


  • We love what we do
  • We are proud and driven to improve
  • We go the extra mile
  • We care about wood craftsmanship and do things with heart


  • We are trustworthy
  • We work in a fair and sustainable way
  • We support each other in order to get the job done 
  • We always do what we promise


  • We work safely with full respect for people, property and the environment

On the move

In Deli Home we have to stay active. To keep up with a dynamic market, we also have to keep moving. With a team of around 1600 employees spread over 10 countries, we work daily on innovations and the development of our product range, which consists of thousands of different building and decorative home products. By continuously reflecting upon what we are doing, we always look for ways of becoming better, faster and stronger. This demands flexibility from all employees, but it also provides room for growth and development.

Our work atmosphere

Dropping in for a minute at the ‘boss’ with a question or simply for a nice chat is the order of the day. You regularly have the opportunity to grab a drink with a colleague to talk about anything unrelated or, on the contrary, related to work.

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