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Customized cabinets, furniture & industrial doors



Raffito values "beautiful living" and wants to be tasteful for everyone. Craftsmanship, design and quality go hand in hand at Raffito. Our products are guaranteed for 20 years. A made-to-measure wardrobe, furniture or door can be completely tailored to your needs.


At Raffito, customization comes first

Raffito made-to-measure cabinets and furniture stands for class, luxury and craftsmanship. We have an eye for detail and style with a touch of Italian design. Raffito has "beautiful and luxurious living highly valued and tasteful. A mix of styles with tension in contrasts of materials. Raffito has its own face, its own character.

Raffito offers high-quality custom cabinetry, furniture and industrial doors. We have an eye for detail and style. Raffito has its own face, its own character


Raffito, the most beautiful made to measure cabinets

We make life easier by:

  • Solving storage problems with stylish solutions
  • Advice/expertise/inspiration
  • Measuring and assembly service
  • Feel and see the difference
  • Made to measure
  • Exactly how you want it

Products have a long lifespan because we care about people and nature, in our factory and beyond. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility is high on our agenda. This also applies to our people who create and produce the most beautiful products day in day in and day out.