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Over 150 years of experience


The history of Deli Home

Our expertise traces back to 1869 when Deli Home originated in Indonesia. Over time, we have cultivated timber mastery through knowledge and experience. Despite being 150 years of age, we embrace growth and learning.

Founding in Sumatra Indonesia

Oprichting van Deli door Jacob Nienhuys en Peter Wilhelm Janssen in Sumatra, Indonesië

Entry into the timber market

Entry into the timber market by acquisition of Koninklijke Jongeneel and RET.

Delisted from the Amsterdam stock exchange

Listing on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange withdrawn due to an acquisition by Universal Leaf Tobacco Co. Inc. A simplification of the corporate structure was a logical step.

Exiting the tobacco industry

Exit from tobacco industry, with other product groups growing. Deli board, along with investors Avedon Capital and NPM Capital took over Universal Corporation's non-tobacco industry.

Remaining argicultural products divested

NPM Capital acquires the shares of Deli Home & Garden

Deli Home & Garden is split into two separate companies: Deli Home and Deli Garden Products​.

Main office is centralized in Gorinchem (NL)

All Deli Home Europe subsidiaries united under the name Deli Home

Acquisition of Weekamp Deuren

Acquisition of Numdata

Ardian acquires company shares from NPM Capital

Acquisition of Euromolding Madeiras LDA

Acquisition of bash-tec GmbH

Acquisition of Allure

A Heart of Wood

Erik van Zanten, our Manager Warehouse & Distribution, drew on his historical expertise to delve into Deli Home's 150-year existence, documented in "A Heart of Wood." The published work, available on our site, unearths iconic names like Skantrae, Bruynzeel, and more. Beyond Deli Home's foundation, the book narrates tales of expertise, global business, collaboration, and growth. A must read for all who is interested in Deli Home’s journey.