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CO2 emissions

By 2025, Deli Home wants to achieve a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2020. Our aim is to be in line with the Glasgow Climate Pact by 2030, and realise a CO2 reduction of 55% compared to 2020.

More sustainable and efficient transport

Our overall CO2 footprint amounted to 47,637 tonnes of CO2 in 2021. The majority of this (87%) could be attributed to our incoming and outgoing transport. Improving the sustainability of our transport activities is one of the biggest challenges if we want to realise the objectives in the Glasgow Climate Pact. In this case, efficiency and more sustainable transport alternatives will play an important role.

Integrated transport over water and land

The approach we use to transport materials from the port of Rotterdam to Gorinchem is a good example of more sustainable transport. This involves using integrated transport over water and land to reduce CO2 emissions. The materials are transferred to ships at the port, which then transfer their cargo on to trucks once they get close to Gorinchem. But we also want to work with our suppliers to use more ‘green’ trucks when transporting our incoming materials and outgoing products.

Efficiently loaded trucks and transport routes

We can also significantly reduce our CO2 footprint by transporting materials more efficiently. This could range from loading trucks more efficiently to selecting the best transport routes from Deli Home to our customers. Furthermore, we are currently evaluating our local incoming and outgoing transport, within the Netherlands and elsewhere, to identify potential improvement opportunities.

Green energy and lower energy consumption

9% of our CO2 emissions can be attributed to energy consumption when performing our activities. To make our energy consumption sustainable, we try to purchase sustainable energy wherever possible. We also examine how energy consumption can be reduced at our sites. For instance, smart lighting based on motion sensors, and better climate control in our offices and factories.