Together towards a sustainable future

As a large-scale international company, our activities have social effects. So we reflect on the consequences our processes have at all our company locations; after all, sustainability can always be improved. View our annual report for a full summary of our improvements and activities in the field of sustainability. Also, keep an eye on our news page for interim updates about our projects.


For us, it has been a matter of course for years: the use of wood from sustainably managed forests. Naturally, we comply with the European Timber Regulation, and we are FSC® and PEFC™ certified, just like our suppliers. Among other things, this means that we strive to use wood with an FSC® or PEFC™ certificate exclusively. By using 97% certified wood in 2019, we have almost achieved this goal. But even after we have achieved our goal of using 100% certified wood, we will continue to pay attention to the sustainable use of wood as a raw material.

Improving responsibly

With appropriate respect for our roots, we are not afraid to move with current developments. Our knowledge of wood goes far back in time, and in all these years, our passion for this natural product has remained. Nevertheless, thanks to our experience with this natural product, we are also aware of the challenges that wood trading can entail. Wood is damage-prone; it reacts to moisture or, on the contrary, drought; it expands and contracts and can crack. So the right approach is needed to process and transport wood successfully. By using our company packaging smartly, as well as the residual packaging for purchased products used in the production process, we save costs and the environment.

CSR Annual Report

Every year we report the results of our CSR policy. Are you curious about our other activities in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility? Then view our annual report via the button below.

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