Corporate Social Responsibility

As a large-scale international enterprise, our activities affect society. That is why in all the branches within our company we reflect upon the consequences of our processes; after all, sustainability means that things can always be done better. For a complete overview of our improvements and activities in the area of sustainability, see the CSR Report of our Gorinchem site here (In Dutch), and of our Zevenaar site here (In Dutch). Keep an eye on the news page for intermediate updates about our projects.

Responsible improvements

With appropriate respect for our roots, we are not afraid to be part of current developments. Our knowledge about wood goes back far in time and in all these years, our passion remains for this natural product. Notwithstanding, thanks to our experience with this natural product, we are also familiar with the challenges that the trade in timber entails: wood is susceptible to damage, it reacts to moisture or conversely to dryness, it reacts and it can crack. In short, to process and transport wood successfully, you need the right approach. Our experience has made us familiar with all the ins and outs of wood products and how to deal with that. Continuous improvements and innovations have made us experts in processing and selling sensitive products, such as wood—and each day we get better at this job.

Enterprising with the future in mind

Deli Home realises that in order to be successful, our business must take future-oriented actions in the present. That is the reason that we strive to buy or manufacture all our wooden products in a sustainable way. Obviously, we comply with the European Timber Regulation and we are FSC and PEFC certified, just as our suppliers. We try as much as possible to use raw materials that come from sustainable sources and we strongly support sustainably managed forests so that we can enjoy lovely wood in our homes, not only now but also in the future. The products of Deli Home create a home; a place that brings people together. That way we ensure that wood is a connecting factor, not only inside but also outside our enterprise, that brings people closer to each other.