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Sustainable use of wood

We try to stablish an intensive working relationship – from the workfloor to the end product.


Sustainable use of wood

One of the main CSR objectives of Deli Home involves buying and selling wood that is FSC or PEFC certified. By 2025, all wood that we buy and sell must be FSC or PEFC certified. FSC and PEFC certification guarantees that our wood originates from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable range and local wood production

In 2022, 94,4% of our wood was FSC or PEFC certified. Our biggest challenge for 2025 is to ensure that our range consists of 100% certified wood. This challenge mainly relates to a select number of wood varieties for which FSC or PEFC certification is difficult. We are working hard to find a solution for this, while also making sure that we meet the needs of our customers. Besides FSC or PEFC certification, we believe it is important to invest in local wood production. In 2021, 83% of the wood that we purchased came from Europe.

Due diligence: evaluation of the whole chain

In the coming year, Deli Home will be working on implementation with the new European deforestation regulation; the EUDR (EU Deforestation Regulation). With 2025 in mind, we are not only focusing on purchasing certified wood. In addition, we are evaluating the entire production chain, which means, for example, also examining the working conditions and environmental impact of our suppliers. The aim is to establish an intensive working relationship with our suppliers so that the issue of sustainability can be discussed and so that steps can be taken throughout the process – from the work floor to the end product.