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February 26, 2024

Weekamp Deuren introduces the first KOMO-certified high quality insulated rear door

Weekamp Deuren is proud to announce the launch of the first KOMO certified insulated back door of very high quality. Weekamp Deuren's new TriComfort Insulated Back Door combines innovative materials and craftsmanship to provide optimal insulation and durability for both renovation and new construction projects.

Weekamp Deuren's TriComfort Insulating Rear Door is designed with attention to detail and functionality. With a premium finish of Medite Tricoya Extreme and a solid hardwood frame, this door not only provides excellent insulation, but also offers burglar-resistant hardware mounting, making it suitable for triple-paned glass applications.

Improved insulation for modern needs
With the growing demand for improved insulation, particularly from the renovation market and due to BENG requirements for new construction, Weekamp Deuren responds to market needs by introducing insulated rear doors that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Stacking door with advanced features
The TriComfort Insulating Back Door maintains the aesthetics of a traditional stacking door on both the inside and outside, while using advanced construction techniques to eliminate cracking and open wood joints. With a glass opening that is carefully milled and rounded for improved drainage and durability, this door offers a perfect combination of functionality and design.

Optimum insulation and durability
The sill of the TriComfort Insulated Back Door features a high-quality insulating core and comes standard with HR++ glass, with the option of upgrading to triple glass for even greater insulation. With a GND insulation class 2 rating and a thickness of 54 mm, this door offers an optimal balance of insulation, security and durability.

"With the introduction of our TriComfort Insulating Back Door, we are taking an important step forward in providing high quality building solutions that meet today's demands for insulation, security and aesthetics. This door embodies our commitment to quality and innovation. We are proud to offer our customers a product that not only meets, but exceeds the highest standards of performance and durability". - Marco Wijma, Operations Manager at Weekamp Deuren.

Availability and certification
Weekamp Deuren's TriComfort insulated rear door is FSC-certified and has been awarded the KOMO certificate by SKH, which guarantees high quality and compliance with applicable building standards.

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