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October 11, 2023

Deli Home's commitment to quality and sustainable practices

At Deli Home, we are dedicated to delivering optimal quality in our made-to-measure cabinets. Regular maintenance and repair of transport crates are vital to ensure our products reach consumers in perfect condition.

Collaboration and growth
Out of 3,500 crates at Deli Home, around 1,200 urgently needed maintenance. Starting last February, we initiated the repair process with the assistance of two skilled colleagues from the Czech Republic. This marked a turning point for us, as repairs were not previously conducted regularly. The outcome is impressive: within just 6 weeks, thanks to our colleagues' dedication, we successfully repaired 950 crates!

Since early April, we've partnered with Randstad employment agency to provide new opportunities for individuals facing barriers in the job market. This collaboration aims to bring diversity into our organization, allowing these individuals to play a valuable role within Deli Home. Dick Vink, Process Improver at the Woodworking Factory, has taken on the task of guiding these persons and plays a crucial role in this process. Dick emphasizes, "It's fantastic to see people enjoying their work, and there are even growth opportunities for them within Deli Home."

Sustainability and recycling
In addition to our repair efforts, at Deli Home, we are committed to sustainability and recycling. If crates are too heavily damaged to repair, we give them a new life. Iron edges are collected and recycled as scrap metal, while lids are reused as packaging material. This reduces waste and contributes to a circular economy.

Future developments and improvements
With over 3,500 crates in use, we are continuously focusing on improvements. Currently testing alternative options for vulnerable components, such as recycled hard plastic and metal, our goal is to enhance durability and lifespan through continuous innovation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to furthering sustainability in our processes.

At Deli Home, our ambitious vision for quality, sustainability, and social responsibility drives us. Repairing crates isn't just a vital part of our business; it's an opportunity to positively impact lives. Together, we ensure our custom-made cabinets reach consumers in optimal condition while minimizing our ecological footprint.

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