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May 10, 2023

LeBeton - Deli Home’s latest staircase innovation cast in concrete

Deli Home now also offers a concrete staircase renovation. The idea of a concrete staircase is new and innovative and therefore really suits Deli Home being as staircase renovation expert. LeBeton is offered in a very nice color palette, ranging from light gray to black. But a sandy color and green are also available. 

LeBeton in short
Concrete has a beautiful matte appearance of its own and is easy to combine with other elements, such as wood or natural stone. It is also increasingly seen in interior design.

The concrete steps are made of light weight concrete made from Dutch soil. Because sand, gravel and steel are not used, the concrete is much lighter in weight than traditional concrete. It contains glass fibers, making it super strong. The waterproof coating ensures that the stairs are guaranteed to be protected from moisture and stains.

The specially developed precast concrete steps are stair thread covers and raisers that are custom-made. They are easily placed over the existing staircase. The coating features an anti-slip layer for safety. Maintenance is easy, simply wipe down with lukewarm water.

With our specially made-to-measure concrete steps, consumers are assured of a high-quality product that will last for years. Moreover, concrete is a natural material, so it is guaranteed to be harmless to your health and suitable for people with allergies as well.

The benefits of concrete stair treads

  • Quality product from the Netherlands with a sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Super strong
  • Anti-slip
  • Waterproof coating
  • Dampens walking sounds
  • Lifetime durability
  • Suitable for people with allergies
  • Easy maintenance

Features of LeBeton

  • A high quality and luxurious finishing level as an alternative to laminate or oak flooring
  • The steps and risers are fully customized and are placed over your existing steps
  • Available in 2 finish levels: flat and robust
  • Durable material with a lifetime warranty

LeBeton is available at stores of Woninginrichting Aanhuis.

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