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May 14, 2024

Exclusive: Weekamp Deuren launches the BioComfort, the first bio-based and circular front door in the Netherlands

New sustainable front door with social impact

Weekamp Deuren introduces an insulated front door that is both bio-based and circular and fits seamlessly into existing door frames, offering a unique solution for the renovation market.

Weekamp Deuren proudly presents its newly developed front door, which meets the highest sustainability requirements and also has a positive social impact during the production process.

For the edge wood of this BioComfort door, Weekamp Deuren uses old solid wood front doors, which housing associations in particular are currently replacing on a large scale. These doors are disassembled and the usable hardwood parts are then processed into reusable edgewood by sawing, planing, laminating and finger-welding them in social workshops, which employ people with a distance to the labor market.

This initiative avoids burning old solid-wood front doors. The new BioComfort door now offers a sustainable alternative to replacement, reusing wood from the old doors. With a thickness of 54 millimeters and a small rebate all around, this door fits perfectly into existing frames 40 millimeters thick. An additional draught-resistant rubber in the rebate ensures increased airtightness. The BioComfort door is a flat panel door available in all models of the popular WK3000 line.

Biobased insulation
The BioComfort door features a wood fiber insulation board, making Weekamp Deuren the sustainable choice over traditional PU or XPS insulation. This wood fiber board offers similar insulating properties to XPS and places the door in GND insulation class 2 or 3 (well insulated and very well insulated), while also contributing to the stability and strength of the door and providing burglary protection.

FSC label
Thanks to Weekamp Deuren's accurate registration of the origin of recycled front doors, FSC-Recycled registration is possible for the edge wood. FSC-certified material is also used for the new softwood and the cladding of the door.

The door's cladding consists of Medite Tricoya Extreme, a very high-quality FSC-certified MDF board with a lifespan of over 50 years, contributing to both the durability and quality of the door.

Trade fair Renovation & Transformation
Weekamp Deuren introduces the BioComfort at the Renovation & Transformation trade fair, which takes place from May 14 to 16 in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. The BioComfort door is also nominated for the fair's Sustainable Innovation Award. In addition, the door will be made available for new construction, with thicker versions in the range offering even higher insulation values.

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